An overview of the plugin before starting

How to control

When you activate SFS Plugin you will see a new tab on your admin panel, Smart Footer Settings.

From here you can enter the General Settings or create a new footer block.

Basic Concept

SFS is created to easily replace the Theme’s footer with a custom footer or you can combine the Theme’s Footer and your SFS custom footer together without disabling the Theme’s footer from the SFS settings. First of all, you need to create a custom footer using the “add new footer” button, then you can use Visual Composer or another Page Builder to build the content of the footer and use SFS modes to decide how to show it. When your footer is ready, you can:

  1. Enter the SFS General Settings and set your new footer block as default for a custom post type, for example, Homepage, Portfolio or Articles.
  2. Enter a single page of your website, enable the override option, and select the footer you created earlier. TAKE NOTICE: Some Page Builder needs to activate our Post Type “SFS” or “Smart-footer-system” by their settings in order to work properly. Now let’s go step by step to better understand how it works.