New Feautures

Whats new in SFS? Stay tuned!

With the Garage Door Footer, your footer can be a garage door with a beautiful 3d effect.

See Garage Door Footer for details.

Publicly Queryable Option Removed

After the version 2.5 the option Publicly Queryable in SFS Settings has been removed and set true by default.

This mean that your Frontend Page Builder is automatically ready to be used with SFS without activate anything in SFS, just the Post Type in your Page Builder if need it ( See Page Builders for details.).

SFS automatically recognize when the spider visit the single page of the SFS Footer and set a <meta> tag in the <head> that tell to the spider to not index and follow this page.

Background fallback image for YouTube Videos

Now you are able to set a fallback image for the YouTube videos

With the new option "Stretch" in Slide Up footer type, the open and close icons pushing on the left or on the right of your full-width and centered Slide Up handle

A footer made with SFS is a WordPress post and many plugins interfere with it by adding their own functionality to the the_content hook regardless such as the like, rating or share buttons. Visit a page containing a footer made with SFS to update the filters on this page.

See Disable filters for the footer content for details.

Full HD videos

Now the videos are in FULL HD and perfectly cut

Now you can quickly choose a Master Footer for every pages.

See How to set a Master Footer to every pages for details.

Now you can choose a new footer mode called Menu where you can show a custom WP Menu with a Slide Up effect.

See Menu Footer Mode for details.

Ajax one on one progressive import

New Ajax Import with one on one progressive import. It can help you to import large amount of footer data on your platform without POST server limits.

Now you can choose a different footer for each taxonomy and terms.

See Custom Footer for each Taxonomy and Terms for details.

Now you can stream a self-hosted video, YouTube video or Vimeo Video as background of your footer

Color Picker alpha control integrated

Now you are able to set an alpha value from the color picker

Now you are able to duplicate quickly a footer with the duplicate button