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SFS Changelog

v. 2.5.4 25 June 2018

New Feature: Disable Font icons loading
BugFix: Divi styles in the footer issue
BugFix: Slick Menu conflict with Reveal Footer type
BugFix: Menu Footer Type issues
BugFix: Slide Up Footer Type classes conflicts
BugFix: Beaver Builder issues
BugFix: YouTube video loading
BugFix: Other minor bug fixes

v. 2.5.3 15 May 2018

BugFix: Superfly menu conflict with Reveal footer option
BugFix: Row width in WPBakery Page Builder Jupiter theme modified version
BugFix: The7 WPBakery Page Builder same shortcode in page/footer
BugFix: The7 Ultimate Addons compatibility
BugFix: Menu Footer Type scroll delay for particular themes with Auto Show option enabled
BugFix: IE11 banner alignment

v. 2.5.2 18 April 2018

BugFix: Padding-top Background Video
BugFix: Menu Footer Type open
BugFix: Scroll and social/menu Menu Footer Type

v. 2.5.1 13 April 2018

New Feature: Auto show on end of page Menu Footer Type
New Feature: Auto show on end of page SlideUp Footer Type
Improve: Spread Animation
BugFix: Ultimate VC Addons scripts
BugFix: Menu Footer Type mobile social links
BugFix: Self hosted video ratio
BugFix: Icon position Slide Up
BugFix: Icon image stretch Accordion

v. 2.5 16 March 2018

New Features: Garage Door Footer Type
New Features: Stretch SlideUp Footer Type
New Features: Animation none SlideUp Footer Type
New Features: Youtube Background Video Fallback Image
New Features: Meta robots noindex,nofollow in single Footer Post Type to prevent spider indexing
Improve: SlideUp animation speed
Improve: YouTube API background video
Improve: Publicly Queryable active by default
Removed: Publicly Queryable option in SFS settings
BugFix: Accordion Footer elements
BugFix: wp_enqueue_media don’t fire with particular plugins or themes
BugFix: Force Close Icon different color on Banner Footer type
BugFix: Background Video Ratio in SlideUp Footer Type
BugFix: Other minor bug fixes

v. 2.4.5 5 March 2018

Improve: Backend/Frontend plugin loading speed
Improve: Plugin package size
Improve: Banner animations for Mozilla Firefox
Improve: Reveal Footer Type logic
Improve: Hide Theme Footer option now hide themes footer also without an SFS Footer
Improve: Prevent empty p tags spaces
Improve: Mobile scroll for slideup and banner
Improve: English and Italian languages
BugFix: Disable contents filter issue with certain filters
BugFix: YouTube audio play/mute
BugFix: CSS3 Footer Type background and overlay animation
BugFix: CSS3 Footer Type double overlay on footer
BugFix: Banner Footer Type background video size
BugFix: Disable SFS in pages/posts metabox
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.4.4 25 January 2018

Improve: Salient Theme compatibility
BugFix: Menu Footer Type issue for PHP 5.4
BugFix: Content filter object condition
BugFix: WPBakery Page Builder backend post type disappear
BugFix: PHP >= 7 notice in core class
BugFix: WooCommerce footer condition
BugFix: WooCommerce backend checkout select value
BugFix: Menu Footer Type Condition
BugFix: Prevent loading on click menu icon in Menu Footer Type
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.4.3 12 January 2018

New Feature: Disable background video on mobile
New Feature: “edit footer” button frontend with user capabilities
Improve: Video YouTube API, events and callbacks
Improve: Video fixed scroll
Improve: Updated demos for new SFS version
BugFix: Normal Sticky issue
BugFix: SlideUp right scroll footer content
BugFix: Accordion Footer video height
BugFix: Spread Footer z-index for particular themes
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.4.2 6 January 2018

New Feature: Thrive Architect compatibility
New Feature: Disable filters for the footer content
Improve: Nginx compatibility
Improve: Full HD centered background videos
Improve: Footer loading speed and display
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.4.1 17 November

New Feature: The7 compatibility
New Feature: Flatsome and UX Builder Compatibility
Improve: SFS Settings in Ajax with loading save
Improve: SFS Settings Taxonomies readability
Improve: Switches for Taxonomies to Avoid SFS Settings Page Crash
BugFix: Menu and SlideUP js conditions
BugFix: Post Type recognition in particular themes
BugFix: Loaded footer after window loading
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.4 4 October

New Feature: Beaver Builder compatibility
New Feature: Cornerstone (X The Theme) compatibility
New Feature: Menu Footer Mode
New Feature: Added Master Footer in General Settings
New Feature: Added Custom JS in Advanced Footer section
New Feature: Ajax Import and loading
Improve: Function and Methods speed up
Improve: Post Types never shows in particular themes
Improve: Custom RetinaJS compatibility for particular themes
Improve: Fire events and trigger options for scrolling and resize
BugFix: Documentation url update
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.3.1 7 September

New Feature: Added footer taxonomies settings
New Feature: Compatibility with external RetinaJS source
Improve: Compatibility with Live Composer
Improve: VC Ultimate Addons Compatibility
Improve: Accordion footer type animation
BugFix: Financed Theme issues
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.3 14 July

New Feature: Added Background Video
New Feature: Added Video YouTube Start Time / End Time
New Feature: Max Width for Boxed Footers
Improve: Added Divi Custom Post Type for Divi Builder
BugFix: Buddypress issues
BugFix: Footer query for speed and WPML issue
BugFix: Reveal Footer links not clickable
BugFix: WooCommerce product category footer display issue
BugFix: Spread Footer on iPhone/Safari issue
BugFix: Accordion Footer issue
BugFix: SlideUP Footer mouse leave issue
BugFix: Background handle SlideUP Footer in Salient Theme
BugFix: Divi Visual Builder Frontend Editor
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.2.1 21 June

Improve: 15px horizontal padding in no VC Footers
Improve: Banner Footer Fluidity
BugFix: Hide/Show on mouse scroll event frontend
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.2 19 June

WordPress 4.8 compatibility
New Feature: Added image type in icon select
New Feature: Added “On Mouse Leave” option in Banner and SlideUP
New Feature: Added “Show/Hide On Mouse Scroll” option on Normal Sticky, Banner, Slide Up and Spread Mode
New Feature: Added “Force Close” option for Banner Mode
New Feature: Added Custom WP Hook in General SFS Settings
New Feature: Added Mobile Background Image Positioning
Improve: Added “Overlay Hover Color” option for Banner Mode
BugFix: Banner opacity overlay
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.1 3 June

New Feature: Added Spread Footer Mode
New Feature: Compatibility with King Composer Page Builder
Improve: Export button in Single Footer Metabox
Improve: Alpha color into Color Picker
Improve: Added Duplicate functionality in Footer List and Single Footer edit page
Improve: Added “Copy To Close” functionality in Slide Up and Accordion Footer
Improve: Added Elegant Icons
BugFix: Timeout banner conflict desktop / mobile
BugFix: Autoshow auto hide open on bottom combinations
BugFix: Accordion display on Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
BugFix: Slide UP opened handle position on mobile version
BugFix: Rosa Theme issues
BugFix: Accordion content height and animation
BugFix: Overlay color opacity into overlay content background
BugFix: Other minor fixes

v. 2.0.1 19 May

Improve: Backend languages
BugFix: Backend switch doesn’t work on certain themes
BugFix: Backend external links
BugFix: ScrollTop AutoOpen in SlideUp
BugFix: Fix Jupiter Theme 100% body height

v. 2.0 10 May

Please note that if you want to upgrade to Smart Footer System version 2 from version 1.2.2: We have completely redesigned the control panel to make it more intuitive and quicker to use. For this and many other reasons all our users who have already purchased the plugin will have to reset all of the handle styles already created. Note that the footer content will remain unchanged though. Thanks for your attention

New Feature: New Backend UI
New Feature: SFS Settings, Import/Export option and Footers have been merged into one single panel.
New Feature: Restyling of Input, Select and Checkbox elements.
New Feature: Added two new footer types CSS3 Animations and Accordion.
New Feature: Added Background image Options and their properties to every footers.
New Feature: Added Border Options to the Footer content.
New Feature: Added Font properties to Slide Up, Banner, CSS3 Animations and Accordion footer types.
New Feature: Added Publicly Queryable switch in Smart Footer System/Settings for frontend builders compatibility.
New Feature: Added vertical and horizontal padding options for all Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices.
New Feature: Added Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Visibility Options.
New Feature: Added Import Demos option in SFS General Settings.
New Feature: Added .pot file, english and italian version.
Improve: Added Footer Content Padding options in pixels and percents.
Improve: Enfold Theme Compatibility.
Improve: Elementor Builder Compatibility.
Improve: Alpha slider to opacity.
Improve: Labels and text under every option with hint.
Improve: Changed files and folders hierarchy.
Improve: Added 2 new measures to the Padding Option.
Improve: The handle of the Slide Up Footer on mobile devices is now always centered horizontally.
Improve: Now the Sticky Mode of the version 1.2 is called Slide Up Mode.
Improve: Added the Sticky option to the Normal Footer.
Improve: Added Shadow option to the Normal Footer.
Improve: Added fixed padding in the footer content of the mobile.
Improve: The Hide On Mobile option has been moved from the Sticky control panel to the general footer content panel.
Improve: Import/export options has been moved to the general settings.
Improve: Added compatibility with Enfold theme.
Improve: Added overlay color to the background.
Improve: Added options panel for background content.
BugFix: Max-height Slide Up.
BugFix: Fix vertical alignment Slide Up.
BugFix: Other minor fixes.

v. 1.2.2 7 April

Improve: Added Background Content color option to all footer types.
Improve: Added vertical padding option on Full Width Sticky Footer.
Improve: Added a class with the slug of Footer Name on footer wrapper.
BugFix: Circle Handle on Sticky Footer.
BugFix: Banner Footer Type Timeout Auto Open / Auto Close.
BugFix: Banner Footer Type Auto Open on the and of page.

v. 1.2.1 3 April

New Feature: Added Import/Export Footers options
New Feature: Added Auto show and Auto hide options in Banner Footer.
New Feature: Added auto open on the scroll on bottom of the page.
BugFix: Banner Footer background color.
BugFix: Close icon dont display if Open icon is clear.
BugFix: Smooth scroll on mobile devices.
BugFix: Mobile position elements.
BugFix: Other several bug fixes.

v. 1.2 27 March

New Feature: Added Reveal footer type.
New Feature: Added Banner footer type.
New Feature: Added auto open on the scroll on bottom of the page.
New Feature: Added in Sticky footer Auto open on scroll bottom of the page.
New Feature: Added Custom css on single footer block.
BugFix: Compatibility with Upflit theme.
BugFix: Color Picker issues with some themes.
BugFix: Open Sticky footer issues.
BugFix: Woocommerce compatibility issues.
BugFix: Other several bug fixes.

v. 1.1.1 23 March

BugFix: Mobile scroll in footer content.
BugFix: Handle in sticky footer go over top window.
BugFix: Activation plugin for particular platform and php versions.
BugFix: Other several bug fixes.

v. 1.1 11 March

New Feature: Added WooCommerce section in SFS settings.
New Feature: Custom Footer for every WooCommerce pages.
New Feature: Single Page Product Custom Footer.
New Feature: Archive pages Custom Footer.
New Feature: Blog page Custom Footer.
New Feature: Homepage Custom Footer.
New Feature: SFS Single Post Type Footer deactivation.
New Feature: Handle Icon/Text order.
BugFix: Responsive and Mobile issues.
BugFix: Hide Footer theme option issues.

v. 1.0 9 March

Init Version